The Beach


Around Grand Case you will find many beach umbrella rentals, but in Rainbow Cafe, you will find a world of elegance and style with exceptional beach services, taking beach umbrella rentals to a whole new level.

Our staff at Rainbow Cafe fully organizes the beach to serve as a dream come true for those seeking a freestyle, cool and relaxing holiday.

Rainbow Café Beach serves as a pleasant spot to relax and enjoy the stunning Grand Case Beach coastline with panoramic views showcase awe-inspiring sunsets over the Ocean, with views of Anguilla in the distance.

This panoramic setting combines a relaxed beach front environment paired with sophistication and simplicity to provide the perfect dining experience.

Rainbow Cafe elevates casual beachside dining to a whole new level, so order a drink and have some great food ideally located on the water’s edge, making our beach “the place to be”.

Our Menus

Food Menu

Discover our starters, main plates, fishes, meats, creole specials, desserts

and also our delicious tapas.

Service from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. !

Drink Menu


Discover our fabulous cocktails, fresh drinks, waters,

and come taste the best wines and Champagnes at Rainbow